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onemorebuck supply all kinds of printable heat transfer vinyl 

OneMoreBuck is a factory supplying goods to many sellers. OneMoreBuck is willing to spend one buck more to test product quality and ensure good quality and uniformity of products. It does not spend much on marketing, but More money to control product quality and strive to produce high-quality products at a low price. The founder was an engineer and studied in a famous University in the United States.   


Our Story

In the beginning, our founder, Andy, created One More Buck with the R&D and supply of the product as the main orientation. He once studied at a famous American university. With an educational background in engineering, he has a high standard for details. Therefore, he spent a lot of time and energy controlling the various details of the product production process, constantly study and optimize our products. Finally, hard work pays off, and time is the best witness. After countless times of "sending samples-getting feedback-optimizing the product" cycle, our product has finally received unanimous praise from all trial users. Today, we have established cooperative relationships with several retailers, and at the same time, we have been recognized by countless consumers. But Andy doesn't want to stop there, as the meaning conveyed by our brand name, he is always willing to spend "one more buck" to test product quality to ensure the good quality and uniformity of the product. Meanwhile, with a background in engineering, Andy holds a strong conviction that as long as the quality and the performance of the product are superior, the product will be naturally recognized by consumers. Therefore, instead of spending money on marketing, Andy is more willing to spend "One More Buck" to control product quality. He makes every effort to develop low-cost but high-quality products, to achieve the ultimate price-performance ratio. At the same time, One More Buck has also started its retail journey, serving our customers with the high quality product at the afforable and competitive price!

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