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Big reveal! These are the raw materials for making the printable heat transfer vinyl

Is the raw material of the printable heat transfer vinyl important? The answer is inevitable. The raw materials can be said to be directly related to the quality of the engraving film. The quality of the engraving film on the market is not uniform because the raw materials used by each manufacturer are different. Do you know which raw materials are used by good heat transfer manufacturers? NS? Xiaobian tells you.

  1. The raw materials and production of the printable heat transfer vinyl

  The production materials of the engraving film determine the quality of the engraving film. Good quality toner and glue can enhance the quality of the engraving film. Only the preparation of materials in the early stage can produce a good product. The production of printable heat transfer vinyl also needs to pay attention to the production process, coating machine, quality inspection system, etc., to ensure the quality.

  2. The characteristics of engraving film products.

  Engraving film products are mainly hot stamped on clothing, luggage, and other textiles. Therefore, different products can be selected according to different needs. There are many types of engraving film products, and the effects of the materials produced are also different. Take the hot-selling TPU elastic engraving film as an example. TPU elastic products are required to have a soft hand feel, stretch, and cover, and be non-deformed by high-temperature hot stamping, easy to engrave, cut, and discharge waste. These characteristics are the basic requirements of TPU printable heat transfer vinyl.

  3. Requirements for printable heat transfer vinyl.

  It is not enough to achieve the characteristics of the engraving film alone, because the engraving film products are mainly used on clothing and need to be close to the human skin. Therefore, through the detection of the inspection agency, the customers can be more assured and the users can be at ease.

  Printable heat transfer vinyl is composed of three major raw materials

  1. Thermal transfer ink: It is an important material for printing. It displays patterns and text on the substrate through printing or inkjet. The ink includes the main components and auxiliary components, which are uniformly mixed and rolled to form a viscous colloidal fluid. It is composed of binders, pigments, fillers, additives, and solvents.

  2. Release substrate: Release type: imported cold-tear matte release agent, tear-off method: cold-tear, application scope: suitable for large areas of numbers, letters, and patterns, suitable for fine patterns, numbers, and thin lines Etc. Suitable fabrics: cotton, polyester, acrylic fiber, and similar fibers cotton, polyester, acrylic fiber, and similar fibers

  3. Hot melt adhesive: It is used as an adhesive of the same material or different materials. The types of materials are also diverse, covering TPU hot melt adhesive film, PA hot melt adhesive film, PES hot melt adhesive film, etc., taking TPU hot melt adhesive film as an example, the material itself adopts advanced coating technology, and the product has a strong Adhesive fastness, washing resistance, high elasticity and other properties can be tested and the raw materials of the product are imported, which are environmentally friendly products. Wide range of hardness, wide bonding range, and other characteristics.

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