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How to distinguish the quality of the heat transfer vinyl

Due to the high demand in the thermal transfer film market, and the low entry standard, a small workshop can be opened for tens of thousands of dollars. Such small workshops are often not very stable in product quality, so customers often run Let me ask how to judge the quality of thermal transfer heat transfer vinyl?

  No matter which industry, the product is good or not, you can't just listen to the words of the salesperson. Since you want to enter this business, you still have to have some basic distinguishing skills! Today I will talk about the most basic knowledge to distinguish the heat transfer vinyl! Although the knowledge is small, it is very easy to use! Normally we look at it from four aspects:

  The first one is the operational aspect. The most important thing about the engraving film operation is whether it is a good engraving film that is "easy to cut, easy to engrave, and easy to discharge". These points can be done properly! On the other hand, problems often occur in these areas, which are not only hurting costs but also greatly affecting efficiency.

  The second thorny problem is that the engraving film is getting hot. A good engraving film will make you think that printing can be so simple, and it will get twice the result with half the effort to eliminate waste. You can tear it off with a knife!

  The third is the problem of washing, the quality of the thermal transfer heat transfer vinyl has a sufficient time to melt and eat glue. This kind of heat transfer vinyl is not easy to wash off!

  The fourth point is the problem of the finished product. The high-quality heat transfer vinyl is hot-stamped on the garment, and it can withstand normal pulling. Generally, it is not easy to crack and has excellent elasticity!

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