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Pay attention to these aspects when choosing a heat transfer vinyl

Many friends who do thermal transfer printing will ask, what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a thermal heat transfer vinyl? There are many and messy engraving film products on the market, and the ways and means of choosing engraving film are different, and the standards for customers to choose engraving film products are different. What are the advantages of our products?

  1) Advantages of material integration: Relatively most of the heat transfer vinyl are integrated products and acquisition projects. They do not have their own R&D system. The product lineage is relatively messy. It is easy to cause users to rush, cannot one-stop procurement, diversified choices, and cause users to use Confusion and frequent problems. Self-developed engraving film products, one-stop service from R&D-production-sales.

  2) In terms of color layer material selection: the first color layer materials are all world-renowned brand materials, and there is no misuse; second, the process and equipment selection, all follow the domestic well-known brands and leading processes to ensure the consistency of accuracy and quality.

  3) Unique advantages of the adhesive layer: Compared with all kinds of products on the market, Meiyi Engraved adopts pure imported TPU hot-melt media and is coated with precision equipment. Through many years of market feedback, it is generally praised for the application of fabrics, weather resistance, adhesion, softness, and environmental protection.

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